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Medication Resources

For information on generic and brand name drugs available in Canada, including:

  • How do particular drugs work in my body?
  • Are there any unwanted or side effects?
  • What precautions should I take?
  • How do I take the medication?
  • Prescription Drug Coverage in Canada. Your guide to reimbursement for prescription medications in Canada.
  • Each inhaled medication uses a different device. Using your device properly helps you get the right dose of medication. Watch these videos to ensure you are using yours correctly.
  • Prescription drugs are approved by various governmental agencies federally and provincially. Access to Prescription Drugs in Canada provides an overview of how prescription drugs are approved and made available in Canada.


To learn more about the different COPD and Asthma Inhaled Medication options, download the Asthma and COPD Inhaled Medication Brochures.

Asthma Inhaled Medications

COPD Inhaled Medications

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