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Dr. Mohamad Baydoun and Dr. Shadi Beshai

Dr Mohamad Baydoun and Dr. Shadi BeshaiIn Saskatchewan, many lung cancer survivors find it hard to access the right kind of support to manage ongoing physical symptoms and emotional distress. For lung cancer survivors, mindfulness could be a key tool in dealing with the distress that often accompany their journey. Mindfulness means being present in the moment, noticing what's happening around us and within us, without judgment.

In their project titled The Mindful Lung Study: Helping Lung Cancer Survivors Through Mindfulness Techniques principle investigators Dr. Mohamad Baydoun and Dr. Shadi Beshai from the University of Regina will be using a mindfulness program called MIND-OP, and tailoring it specifically for lung cancer survivors in Saskatchewan, working with lung cancer survivors and caregivers to understand their unique challenges. MIND-OP is an online, self-guided program designed to be easy to access and use, no matter where someone lives.