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Dr. Elizabeth Cooper

It is estimated that 1.6 million Canadians live with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – yet it is believed that almost as many have it and don’t know it. Largely caused by smoking, over 64,000 Saskatchewan residents live with COPD and although it can’t be cured, COPD can be treated and managed!

Dr. Elizabeth Cooper and her research team from the University of Regina are looking at COPD care in Saskatchewan to better understand what care and supports are available in the province for those living with, and caring for, someone with COPD.

It is the hopes of Dr. Cooper and her team that their research will contribute to the kind of care and support needed in order to live well with COPD.

Lung Sask is excited to be supporting Dr. Cooper and her team, because providing support to those with a lived experience of COPD is an important part of Lung Sask’s mission!