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Inspired Breathing Events

Lori and Trent (Inspired Breathing)

Lung Saskatchewan has long been associated with leadership in health professional continuing education. Once known as a conference, Inspired Breathing will now represent Lung Saskatchewan’s brand of health professional education with a renewed commitment to providing continuing education events for health care professionals that are responsive, innovative, and centred around partnership.

We will achieve this by:

  • Aligning with our allies in lung health and forming partnerships, while fulfilling our Lung Saskatchewan mission;
  • Diversifying educational opportunities in regional, provincial and national spaces;
  • Delivering fresh and innovative professional education to health care practitioners;
  • Responding as we honour our commitment to our communities' needs and those we serve.

Inspired Breathing inspires innovation, alignment and partnership in lung health professional education.

Lead in transforming care.




Over 3.8 million Canadians live with asthma and there are still Canadians losing their lives to this disease every year. Those with severe asthma are living with even greater threats to their health. There is still much work to be done to fully understand how to treat and manage asthma well.


COPD continues to be a major cause of death and disability worldwide. Globally, COPD is now the third leading cause of death, and in Canada, millions of people are living with COPD. There is more on the horizon that will improve outcomes and reduce the burden COPD causes.


Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common respiratory virus and follows an annual seasonal pattern. RSV can cause respiratory tract infections in people of all ages and is among the most common childhood infections.


Indigenous Health

Indigenous Peoples face a lack of health services and experience anti-Indigenous racism in health systems. In the spirit of truth and reconciliation, we commit to learning and demonstrating how we can provide optimal care for Indigenous Peoples.



Vaccinations are an important measure in keeping everyone healthy and provide the best protection against vaccine preventable diseases. Vaccination for respiratory virus protection is a core strategy to protect yourself and others.



Upcoming Events

Inspired Breathing – Asthma Series
11 Sep
12:00 pm

Achieving optimal management in pediatric patients. Join Dr. Mary Noseworthy, a prominent Calgary-based pediatric respirologist, as she shares with us targeted learnings around pediatric asthma management during back-to-school season. 

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Inspired Breathing – Vaccine Series
17 Oct
6:30 pm

We welcome Dr. Brian Conway, Medical Director of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre and Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of British Columbia as he revisits the important of vaccination. He will also address hot topics such as: vaccine efficacy and endurance; timing of vaccination to maximize protection; how to manage vaccine misinformation; and strategies to manage vaccine fatigue. 

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