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Sore Throat

Sore Throat medications come in various forms

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Products used to treat sore throat include

AApo-Azithromycin tablets •Apo-Cefadroxil capsules •Apo-Cefuroxime tablets •Apo-Clarithromycin tablets •Apo-Doxy capsules •Apo-Doxy tablets •Auro-Azithromycin Suspension •Auro-cefixime tablets •Auro-cefprozil tablet •Auro-Cefuroxime tablets •BBiaxin BID® tablets •Biaxin® suspension •CCeftin® suspension •DDoxycin tablets •Doxytab tablets •EEryc® capsules •JJamp-Amoxicillin capsule •Jamp-Azithromycin tablets •MMinocycline capsules •PPMS-Azithromycin tablets •PMS-Clarithromycin tablets •PRO-Clarithromycin tablets •RRiva-Clarithromycin tablets •SSandoz Azithromycin tablets •Sandoz Azithromycin Suspension •Sandoz Clarithromycin tablets •Sanis-Azithromycin tablets •Sanis-Clarithromycin Suspension •Sanis-Clarithromycin tablets •Sanis-Doxycycline capsules •Sanis-Doxycycline tablets •Sivem-Clarithromycin tablets •TTaro-Cefprozil suspension •Taro-Cefprozil tablets •Taro-clarithromycin suspension •Taro-Clarithromycin tablets •Teva-Azithromycin tablets •Teva-Cefadroxil capsules •Teva-Doxycycline capsules •Teva-Doxycycline tablets •ZZithromax® suspension •Zithromax® tablets •

Active ingredients used to treat sore throat include

aazithromycin • ccefadroxil • cefprozil • cefuroxime axetil • clarithromycin • ddoxycycline • eerythromycin • mminocycline •