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Erin Kuan

President & CEO

Community Care

Trent Litzenberger, PT, CRE

Vice President, Research & Education

Lori Nagy

Business & Education Manager

Jill Hubick, RN, CRE

Community Care & Education Manager

Jaimie Peters, RN, MN, CRE

Community Care & Home Oxygen Manager

Health Promotion & Government Relations

Jennifer May

Vice President, Health Promotion & Government Relations

Bethany Verma (On leave)

Health Promotion Manager

Effie Kosmas

Health Promotion Coordinator

Ashli Ireland

Health Promotion Coordinator

Development & Marketing

Deborah Kies

Director, Development & Marketing

Dave Parkalub

Community Engagement Manager

Oiza Rufai

Marketing & Communications Manager

Stacey Driedger

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Enterprise Technology

Rod Ollerhead, CET

Vice President, Enterprise Technology

Joe Hinz


Matthew Roberts

Systems Analyst

Finance & Operations

Kristy McKnight

CFO & Director of Operations

Roger Martillana, CPA

Finance Manager

Jannatul Nayem (On leave)

Donor Service & Administration Coordinator

Priya George

Donor Service & Administration Coordinator (Temp)