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Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis medications come in various forms

•nebulizer • intravenous injection • intramuscular injection • Podhaler® • 

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Products used to treat cystic fibrosis include

CCayston® •Colistimethate •Coly-mycin M •OOmega - amikacin sulfate injection •SSandoz Amikacin injection •Sandoz Tobramycin inhalation solution •TTeva-Tobramycin inhalation solution •Tobi® inhalation solution •Tobi® Podhaler® •

Active ingredients used to treat cystic fibrosis include

aaztreonam • ccolistin • ddornase alfa • eelexacaftor • ffluconazole • iivacaftor • llumacaftor • ttezacaftor • tobramycin sulfate •