Nicotine Addiction medications come in various forms

•orally • transdermal system • chewing and oral absorption • absorption through the lining of the mouth • oral inhalation • sucking and oral absorption • 

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Products used to treat nicotine addiction include

AApo-Varenicline tablet •HHabitrol® patches •NNic-Hit Gum •Nic-Hit mini lozenge •Nic-Hit Spray •Nicorette® gum •Nicorette® inhaler •Nicorette® Mini Lozenges •Nicorette® Quick Mist •Nicotine Patch •TTeva-varenicline tablet •Thrive® gum •Thrive® lozenges •ZZyban® •

Active ingredients used to treat nicotine addiction include

bbupropion hydrochloride • vvarenicline • 


Page Last Updated: 28/01/2019