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Drs. Josh Lawson and Donna Goodridge

Drs. Josh Lawson & Donna Goodridge

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has become more prevalent in recent years with approximately 1 in every 5 adults having at least mild OSA, and 1 in every 15 adults having at least moderate OSA.  OSA has been associated with a number of negative health outcomes and can impact an individual’s quality of life.

Principle investigators Dr. Joshua Lawson and Dr. Donna Goodridge were recently awarded a $149,792 Impact Grant to investigate a virtual behavior change intervention in women with OSA living in rural areas of Saskatchewan.

With its focus on weight loss, physical activity, stress, sleep hygiene, and muscle function therapy these researchers hope this project will demonstrate improvements in the quality of life of those living with OSA, and will serve as a stepping stone for future similar projects in OSA.