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Leave your Legacy

Wills and Bequests

A bequest to the Lung Sask is a gift in your will and is one of our more popular ways to leave a legacy for the future.

The importance of having an up-to-date will cannot be overestimated. Through your will, you can make provisions for:

  • the financial security of your family
  • the naming of guardians for young children
  • property distribution
  • funeral instructions
  • financial gifts to support your favorite charity to ensure that the work you supported in your life will continue.

Lung Sask is currently partnering with the Canada Free Will’s Network to offer a simple free will to our donors on a first come first serve basis. Please contact to learn more about this offer.

Whether you choose to leave a gift in your will as a way to ease the tax burdens of your estate or because you want to ensure your vision of a healthier future. A gift in your will no matter how small will make an impact on the future.  

Leaving a gift in your will can be as simple as adding a few sentences.

(Click here for suggested wording in wills)

Perhaps you have already made a provision in your will to leave a lasting legacy to Lung Sask. If so, we would very much appreciate hearing from you, so that we may properly thank you. We assure you that any details you provide will be kept completely confidential.

Life Insurance

For many people, naming Lung Sask as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy provides an optimum combination of immediate and long-term tax benefits, affordability, and the satisfaction of leaving a significant sum of money to perpetuate the work we all believe in.

Few other forms of planned giving provide so many benefits to the donor.

Gifts of life insurance can be revocable or irrevocable. They can involve old policies which are no longer needed, current policies, or the purchase of new policies. They can be combined with your estate plan to benefit both your estate and your favourite charity.

The amount of the gift is guaranteed and is not reduced due to taxes, probate or administrative costs. Premium payments are eligible for tax receipts, and unlike an RRSP, life insurance is not taxable and is distributed intact after death.

Stocks and Securities

The Canadian income tax system encourages Canadians to make gifts to charitable organizations through the granting of tax credits.  Thanks to the recent tax changes made by the Federal Government, it's become a more cost-effective gift than ever before to donate gifts of securities and stock to Lung Sask.  Donating stock securities to Lung Sask benefits you and your family today while serving your community for a lifetime.

All securities donated to Lung Sask are sold upon receipt, with the net proceeds directed to the area of greatest need or to the fund you designate.  The amount of your charitable gift receipt is determined by the closing price on the day Lung Sask receives the securities into our account. 

This and other gifting strategies require appropriate planning.  We strongly encourage our donors, prospects, and supporters to seek the advice of qualified professionals prior to making any planned gift.