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Participate in Research

Research is our way forward in terms of improving lung health and the outcomes of those living with lung disease. Research contributes to the development of new ways of preventing, diagnosing, and treating illness. The outcomes of research could help you, your children, or even your grandchildren and by participating in research, you may gain access to treatments that are not yet readily available to the public.

If participating in research is something you might be interested in, read more about the current opportunities on this page!

Current Opportunities

Tiotropium Efficacy Against Allergen Induced Early Asthmatic Responses


About The Study

Investigators Dr. Donald Cockcroft and Dr. Beth Davis from the Department of Medicine - Division of Respirology, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan are inviting those between the ages of 18 and 65 who have been diagnosed with allergic asthma to participate in this clinical research study.

Tiotropium (Spiriva Respimat®) is a medication used to treat respiratory conditions. The purpose of this study is to investigate the protective effects of tiotropium on the response to allergen exposure in individuals with mild allergic asthma.

For information about this study, including study design, eligibility criteria, procedures, and time commitment, please review the Participant Information and Consent Form

How To Participate

For more information and to participate in this study, email investigator Dr. Beth Davis with your interest at or call 306-844-1444.

Investigation of Immune Status During Long-Term Recovery From COVID-19


About The Study

Long COVID is a debilitating disease that affects several organ and organ systems such as the lungs, brain, and kidneys. However, there is limited understanding of what causes Long COVID and how to treat people who are suffering. In this project we are determining how the immune system is dysregulated during COVID-19 recovery and in Long COVID. The results will be important for determining the causes of Long COVID as well as identifying possible treatments for people suffering from the disease.

Researchers from the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) are recruiting individuals to donate a blood sample for a research study on immune responses in humans to COVID-19. We are looking for people who 1.) have Long COVID; 2.) had COVID-19 and do NOT have Long COVID; and 3.) have not had COVID-19 ever.

This study will require a time commitment of approximately 30 minutes. As a participant in this study, you would be asked questions related to your health and asked to donate a small amount of blood. Appointments are taking place in Saskatoon and Regina. The study's goal is to understand the immune responses in people suffering from Long COVID.

How To Participate

If you are interested in participating or want more information, please contact Ethan Jansen (, 306-966-2568) or Brittany Thivierge (, 306-966-6929).

Making Visible the Life Stories of Families of Children Who Are Immunocompromised (IC) During COVID-19


About The Study

Researchers at the University of Manitoba are interested in learning about the experiences families are having during the COVID-19 pandemic if living with a child who is immunocompromised or has an immune system condition.

Participation in the study involves taking part in virtual interviews and activities using photographs and videos. In-person interviews may be arranged upon request.

Honorariums will be provided in appreciation of participation in this study.

How To Participate

To participate in this study, email the research team with your interest at or call 204-480-1051.

Sask Long COVID


About The Study

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan are looking for volunteers with various experiences with COVID-19 to participate in a Long COVID study. ALL adults aged 18 and over are invited to participate. We are in search of volunteers who believe they are experiencing symptoms of Long COVID; had COVID-19 but are NOT experiencing Long COVID symptoms; and those who have NOT had COVID-19 to take part in this study.

As a participant in this study, you would be asked to take part in a survey conducted online or through a mobile phone app. You will be asked to provide information on your symptoms of Long COVID and how you are currently managing your symptoms or, if you do not have Long COVID you will be asked about these symptoms anyway as they also may be common. Your participation in the survey would involve one to several online/mobile phone app sessions, each of which is approximately 10-20 minutes.

After completing the survey, you may also choose to take part in one online focus group to help identify the resources that may be helpful in managing your symptoms. These discussions will last about 60-90 minutes.

How To Participate

For more information and to participate in this study, visit Sask Long COVID or call 306-966-3338.

Virtual Care Engagement Study

Virtual Care

About The Study

The Government of Saskatchewan is seeking feedback from patients and families on their experiences with virtual care.

Saskatchewan quickly adopted new methods to safely connect patients to their doctor or another health care provider two years ago without stepping out their door, through virtual care.

Virtual care includes technologies such as video conferencing, telephone, text, and email.

The Government of Saskatchewan wants to learn more about how virtual care is working for you. If you haven’t used virtual care yet, they also want to hear why not.

How To Participate

To participate visit

There are several ways to provide input, such as voting in polls, completing a survey, and sharing a story or idea. Participation opportunities will be open until April 30th, 2022.

For more information or if you require an alternate method of participation, please email the team at or call 306-787-6750.