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Riaz Alvi and Dr. Erika Penz

Saskatchewan has one the highest smoking rates nationally (16.0%) compared to the national average (12.9%). Tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable deaths. Tobacco cessation programs are effective in providing the supports needed for people to quit smoking and reduces smoking-related risks of mortality and morbidity. Smoking cessation programs in Saskatchewan are uncoordinated. Additionally, Saskatchewan spends the lowest amount per person on tobacco control compared to other provinces.

Principle investigators Riaz Alvi and Dr. Erika Penz were recently awarded an Impact Grant from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation for their project titled Advancing Tobacco Control in Saskatchewan: An Integrated Equity-informed Approach.

The purpose of this project is to work together with communities and organizations to develop a smoking cessation framework that will be included in future provincial lung cancer screening operations, while bringing together and streamlining provincial cessation stakeholders and services.

It is the hope of these investigators that the inclusion of smoking cessation in lung cancer screening across the province will improve population health and advance efforts to reduce the inequities faced by individuals affected by tobacco use in Saskatchewan.

Lung Saskatchewan is excited to be supporting these researchers and their teams, because providing support to those who continue to be affected by tobacco use is an important part of Lung Saskatchewan’s mission!