Share your Radon Breathe Story and Photo with Us!

By sharing your radon breathe story you are increasing awareness about the dangers of radon gas.  Your story could inspire others to take action on radon and ultimately help prevent lung cancer. On behalf of The Lung Association we thank you for helping us improve lung health one breath at a time. 

Tell us about yourself. (E.g., What city/town do you live in, family life, work life, hobbies etc.).
How did you first hear about radon and the impact it has on lung health?
Why did you test your home/workplace for radon?
Why did you decide to reduce the radon in your home/workplace? (If relevant)
How do you feel now after you have tested and (if applicable) reduced radon in your home/workplace?
Would you encourage others to test their homes/workplaces for radon and if their levels are high, reduce their radon levels?
What would you like to see Saskatchewan do in the area of radon moving forward? (E.g., increased radon awareness, cost savings programs for radon reduction (mitigation), stronger radon related building codes (passive mitigation systems put in place in new homes etc.).

Photo and Breathe Story Release Form

I hereby grant The Lung Association, Saskatchewan and its respective affiliates, designees and assigns my irrevocable permission to use and reproduce without compensation, my interview (or any portion thereof) if applicable, or any other appearance of any kind whatsoever (“Appearance”) and/or my name and likeness, as photographed, videoed, taped or otherwise recorded by The Lung Association, Saskatchewan or , in any future publicity, promotion or marketing in any manner and in all media whether now known or unknown, in perpetuity.

I agree that The Lung Association, Saskatchewan shall exclusively own all images, footage or other recording of my Appearance and that they are entitled to edit the forgoing in their sole discretion as they may deem appropriate.

I agree that I will not use any images, footage, or other recording of my Appearance at any time without first receiving written permission from The Lung Association. Requests of this nature shall be made no earlier than one month after the date of the Appearance and or at the end of the event (above) it is acknowledged The Lung Association may decline this request for whatever reason they see fit.

I release The Lung Association, Saskatchewan and those who get their rights from or through The Lung Association, Saskatchewan from any claims or actions I may make arising out of the use of my Appearance and/or my name and likeness in the promotion, production, broadcast and exploitation of such promotion.

I declare that:

  1. I have reached the age of majority in my province or territory of residence; or, if I have not reached the age of majority in my province or territory of residence, my parent, guardian or other authorized legal representative has signed this Agreement to indicate his/her consent on my behalf to the terms of this Agreement.
  2. The terms of this Agreement and all rights and obligations hereunder are personal to me and may not be assigned or assumed by any third party.
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