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Sask Long COVID


About the Study

There is growing recognition that many people experience a prolonged recovery after severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). These persisting, new, or relapsing symptoms have now been referred to as Long COVID.

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan are looking for volunteers with various experiences with COVID-19 to participate in a Long COVID study.

As a participant in this study, you would be asked to take part in a survey conducted online or through a mobile phone app. You will be asked to provide information on your symptoms of Long COVID and how you are currently managing your symptoms or, if you do not have Long COVID you will be asked about these symptoms anyway as they also may be common. Your participation in the survey would involve one to several online/mobile phone app sessions, each of which is approximately 10-20 minutes.

After completing the survey, you may also choose to take part in one online focus group to help identify the resources that may be helpful in managing your symptoms. These discussions will last about 60-90 minutes.

How to Participate

For more information and to participate in this study, visit Sask Long COVID or call 306-966-3338.