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Saskatchewan CPAP Supply Companies

The Saskatchewan Health Authority provides no-cost sleep lab and home testing services at the Sleep Disorder Centres in Saskatoon and Regina, most often by referral to a sleep physician.

Testing for sleep apnea is also offered by private oxygen or sleep apnea companies. Your doctor may refer you to one of these companies for testing or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment support and sales. Please contact the company directly to arrange an appointment. People who meet specific criteria may qualify for a government-subsidized latest-generation CPAP machine through the Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) program. CPAP’s can also be purchased privately or may be covered by private insurance with a prescription.

Things to consider when looking for a CPAP Supply company:

  • What is the cost of testing?
  • Which company is close to my home?
  • Do the staff have an attitude of helpfulness?
  • Will the staff spend time helping me to get the right mask fit?
  • Is there a broad selection of mask and machines to choose from?
  • Does the company have a return or exchange policy for masks and CPAP machines?
  • Does the company offer Virtual/Remote options for appointments?

Other questions you may wish to ask private companies before being tested for sleep apnea:

  • Does a Saskatchewan-Certified Sleep Physician interpret the tests? (A Saskatchewan-certified sleep physician is required to interpret sleep tests in order to qualify for aSAIL CPAP machine).
  • How long will it take to receive my test results?
  • Are your employees recognized/licensed healthcare professionals such as Respiratory Therapists, Nurses, etc.?
  • Do you assist in the process to apply for a SAIL CPAP machine?
  • Does your company provide follow-up support and remote monitoring, is there cost?
  • Do you obtain an insurance estimate of coverage from my insurance provider prior to purchase?
  • Does the company allow trials of different CPAP machines before I decide which one to purchase?
  • Are there any other costs that I might incur?
  • What are your patient care values?

This information is also available as a downloadable PDF.


Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL)

Ministry of Health
3475 Albert St
Regina, SK  S4S 6X6

Phone: 1-888-787-8996
Fax: 306-787-8679

*Call SAIL to find out more about government-subsidized CPAP machines.


Careica Health

5 910 13 Ave
Estevan, SK  S4A 2J4

Phone: 306-636-2727
Fax: 306-636-2728

*Also provides oxygen services


Parkland CPAP

517 Main St
Humboldt, SK  S0K 2A0

Phone: 306-682-5864
Fax: 306-682-5860


Aveiro Sleep

101 5101 48 St
Lloydminster, AB  T9V0H9

Phone: 1-587-217-4661

Careica Health

107-3704 51 Ave
Lloydminster, AB  T9V 2C3

Phone: 780-701-4531
Fax: 780-498-2729


106-5001 18 St
Lloydminster, AB  T9V 2G7

Phone: 780-875-9777
Fax: 1-866-274-4183

Moose Jaw

Careica Health

4-825 Thatcher Dr E
Moose Jaw, SK  S6J 0A9

Phone: 306-693-2727
Fax: 306-693-2700


Parkland CPAP

104-640 Main St
Moosomin, SK  S0G 3N0

Phone: 306-434-5864
Fax: 306-435-5864

North Battleford

Careica Health

2591 99th St
North Battleford, SK  S9A 0S7

Phone: 306-937-7766
Fax: 306-937-7764

Prince Albert

Careica Health

142 12th St E
Prince Albert, SK  S6V 1B6

Phone: 306-764-1270
Fax: 306-764-1271

Prairie Oxygen

665 15th St W
Prince Albert, SK  S6V 7H9

Toll Free: 1-877-738-8702
Phone: 306-763-0355
Fax: 306-763-0354

*Also provides oxygen services


Careica Health

106-438 Victoria Ave E
Regina, SK  S4N 0N7

Phone: 306-522-0388
Fax: 306-522-1822

Careica Health

309 Albert St
Regina, SK  S4R 2N6

Phone: 306-790-2727
Fax: 306-790-1305

Careica Health

311 12th Ave E
Regina, SK  S4N 6G9

Phone: 855-672-6262
Fax: 306-790-8490

*Also provides oxygen services


662 Henderson Dr
Regina, SK  S4N 5V6

Phone: 306-721-2380
Fax: 306-773-8672

*Also provides oxygen services

Prairie Oxygen

432 McDonald St
Regina, SK  S4N 6E2

Toll Free: 1-877-738-8702
Phone: 306-545-8883
Fax: 306-545-3284

*Also provides oxygen services


Careica Health

105-2100 8th St E
Saskatoon, SK  S7H 0Z8

Phone: 306-651-0177
Fax: 306-651-1242

Careica Health

3122 Millar Ave
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 5Y2

Phone: 306-651-0177
Fax: 306-651-1242

*Also provides oxygen services


2301G Millar Ave
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 2Y1

Phone: 306-242-3325
Fax: 306-933-0437

*Also provides oxygen services

Prairie Oxygen

3-2210 Millar Ave
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 4L1

Toll Free: 1-877-738-8702
Phone: 306-384-5255
Fax: 306-384-0022

*Also provides oxygen services

Saskatoon CPAP Services

202-610 Queen St
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 0M8

Phone: 306-974-0030
Fax: 306-974-0033

Swift Current

Careica Health

1 - 2021 Saskatchewan Dr
Swift Current, SK  S9H 0X6

Phone: 306-773-2663
Fax: 306-773-3003


78 5th Ave
Swift Current, SK  S9H 2K7

Phone: 306-773-8064
Fax: 306-773-8672

*Also provides oxygen services


Parkland CPAP

226 Broadway St W
Yorkton, SK  S3N 0N1

Phone: 306-783-9888
Fax: 306-783-9881

*Provides clinics in Kelvington