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RESPTREC Webinar Bronchiectasis
  -  1:05 pm

Bronchiectasis: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Bronchiectasis is a chronic condition and is among the lung diseases that affect the one in five Canadians living with respiratory disease. Although bronchiectasis can’t be cured, early diagnosis and the right treatment mean most people with bronchiectasis can live relatively normal lives.

Join us on Thursday September 12, 2024 6:30 (CST/SK) as we explore Bronchiectasis - Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment with respirologist Dr. Keren-Happuch Ho.

About Dr. Keren-Happuch Ho

Dr. Ho is an Assistant Professor Respirology, Department of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, and is based in Regina Saskatchewan. Dr. Ho's research interests include interventional pulmonary medicine, lung cancer diagnosis and staging, pleural disease, palliative care, and medical education.

This webinar and series are proudly sponsored by AstraZeneca.