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About Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammation or infection of the lungs. The lungs' air sacs fill with pus, mucus, and other liquid and can not function properly. Oxygen can not reach the blood. If there is insufficient oxygen in the blood, body cells can not function properly and may die.

Doctor listening to man's chest

Pneumonia medications come in various forms

•orally • intravenous injection • intramuscular or subcutaneous injection • intramuscular injection • 

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Products used to treat pneumonia include

AAA-Erythro Base tablets •Act-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Act-Clarithromycin XL tablets •Act-Levofloxacin tablets •Apo-Amoxi capsules •Apo-Amoxi Clav tablets •Apo-Amoxi suspension •Apo-Azithromycin tablets •Apo-Cefadroxil capsules •Apo-Cefuroxime tablets •Apo-Clarithromycin tablets •Apo-Clarithromycin XL tablets •Apo-Clindamycin capsules •Apo-Doxy capsules •Apo-Doxy tablets •Apo-Levofloxacin tablets •Apo-linezolid tablet •Apo-moxifloxacin tablet •Auro-Amoxicillin capsules •Auro-Azithromycin Suspension •Auro-Cefuroxime tablets •Auro-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Auro-Clindamycin capsules •Auro-moxifloxacin •BBiaxin BID® tablets •Biaxin® suspension •Bio-Ciprofloxacin tablets •CCefazolin Injection •Cefotaxime injection •Ceftin® suspension •Cipro® suspension •Clavulin® suspension •Clavulin® tablets •DDalacin C® capsules •Dalacin C® suspension •Doxycin tablets •Doxytab tablets •EEryc® capsules •JJamp-Amoxicillin capsule •Jamp-Azithromycin tablets •Jamp-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Jamp-Clindamycin capsules •Jamp-Moxifloxacin •MMAR-Ciprofloxacin tablets •MAR-Moxifloxacin tablet •Minocycline capsules •Mint-Ciprofloxacin tablets •NNovamoxin capsules •Novamoxin chewable tablets •Novamoxin sugar-reduced suspension •Novamoxin suspension •PPMS-Amoxicillin capsules •PMS-Azithromycin tablets •PMS-Ciprofloxacin tablets •PMS-Clarithromycin tablets •Pneumovax 23® vaccine •Prevnar-13® •Priva-ciprofloxacin tablet •PRO-Amox capsules •PRO-Amox suspension •PRO-Azithromycin tablets •PRO-Cefuroxime tablets •PRO-Ciprofloxacin tablets •PRO-Clarithromycin tablets •RRAN-Clarithromycin tablets •Riva-Azithromycin tablets •Riva-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Riva-Clarithromycin tablets •Riva-Clindamycin capsules •Riva-Levofloxacin tablets •SSandoz Amikacin injection •Sandoz Amoxi-clav tablets •Sandoz Azithromycin tablets •Sandoz Azithromycin Suspension •Sandoz Ciprofloxacin tablets •Sandoz Clarithromycin tablets •Sandoz Levofloxacin tablets •Sandoz Linezolid tablets •Sandoz Moxifloxacin tablets •Sanis-Amoxicillin capsules •Sanis-Amoxicillin sugar reduced suspension •Sanis-Amoxicillin Suspension •Sanis-Azithromycin tablets •Sanis-Clarithromycin Suspension •Sanis-Clarithromycin tablets •Sanis-Doxycycline capsules •Sanis-Doxycycline tablets •Siv-amoxicillin capsules •Siv-amoxicillin suspension •Sivem-Azithromycin tablets •Sivem-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Sivem-Clarithromycin tablets •Sulfatrim and Sulfatrim DS tablets •Sulfatrim Pediatric tablets •TTaro-clarithromycin suspension •Teva-Azithromycin tablets •Teva-Cefadroxil capsules •Teva-Clindamycin capsules •Teva-Doxycycline capsules •Teva-Doxycycline tablets •Teva-moxifloxacin tablet •ZZithromax® suspension •Zithromax® tablets •Zyvoxam® •

Active ingredients used to treat pneumonia include

aamoxicillin • azithromycin • ccefadroxil • cefazolin • cefotaxime • cefuroxime axetil • ciprofloxacin • clarithromycin • clavulanic acid • clindamycin • ddoxycycline • eerythromycin • llevofloxacin • linezolid • mminocycline • moxifloxacin • ppneumococcal conjugate vaccine (Pneu-C-13) • pneumococcal conjugate vaccine adsorbed (Pneu-C-10) • pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (Pneu-P-23) • prednisone • ssulfamethoxazole • ttrimethoprim •