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Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program

Breathing is what unites and inspires us to assist in helping fund essential support programs, services and medical equipment to improve lung health for patients and their primary caregivers. Additionally, Caring Breaths support may be available to Saskatchewan residents who have undergone radon mitigation.

The purpose of Caring Breaths is to support those in need of financial assistance to support their lung health.  The program is not a guaranteed refund or a rebate program and it does not reimburse prescription or over the counter medications. Copies of receipts are required as part of the application process  in order to be considered for reimbursement. Quotes and estimates will not be accepted. Our reimbursement program is assessed on a case by case basis.  If an application meets the program’s criteria for potential funding, the amount an applicant is reimbursed is provided based on need and funds available. Caring Breaths is designed to be complementary to other established financial assistance programs in the province of Saskatchewan. Before submitting your financial reimbursement request to Caring Breaths, ensure that your expenses can’t be covered by other funding programs or insurance providers. 

This program was created and named by lung ambassadors who shared the financial impact their lung transplant journeys had. Thank you to our lung ambassadors Charlotte, Karen, Kevyn, Nicole and Moe for being the inspiration behind this program. 

Thank you Conexus Credit Union for sponsoring the Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program!

Who Can Apply?