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About The Flu

The flu (influenza) is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by the influenza virus. In most people, the flu is uncomfortable, tiring, and can keep you bedridden for many days. In seniors, young children, and people with chronic (long-term) lung diseases like asthma and COPD, the flu can be more serious. Each year the flu causes 500- 1500 deaths in Canada, possibly more.

COVID-19 Virus

Flu medications come in various forms

•intramuscular injection • nasal inhalation • intramuscular or subcutaneous injection • orally • Diskhaler® • 

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Products used to treat flu include

AAgriflu® vaccine •FFluad Pediatric™ •Fluad® influenza vaccine •Flucelvax® Quadrivalent Influenza vaccine •FluMist® Quadrivalent intranasal vaccine •Fluviral® vaccine •Fluzone® High-Dose Quadrivalent influenza vaccine •Fluzone® Quadrivalent influenza vaccine •IInfluvac® Tetra vaccine •MMint-oseltamivir capsule •NNat-Oseltamivir Capsule •RRelenza® •TTamiflu® capsules •Tamiflu® suspension •

Active ingredients used to treat flu include

iinfluenza vaccine, inactivated • influenza vaccine - inactivated; mammalian cell culture-based • influenza vaccine-live, attenuated • ooseltamivir • zzanamivir •