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Acknowledgements and Thank Yous

Lung Sask wants to thank our kNOw Vaping Resources Advisory Committee who has dedicated countless hours developing these resources. We would like to thank our Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health consultants, Anna Grumbly and Helen Flengeris.

Youth4Change members:

  • Darshana Lanke
  • Jayda Miller
  • Jordan Miller
  • Julia Visentini
  • Madeline Wright

Saskatchewan teacher consultants:

  • Alia Kistner
  • Tracy Aulie
  • Kyla Christiansen

Students Commission of Canada

  • Janie Moyen
  • Dave Shanks

Lung Sask:

  • Apeksha Heendeniya
  • Bethany Dick
  • Centenne Villarosa
  • Jennifer May
  • Megan Williamson

Federation of Sovereign Indian Nations: Crystal Janvier

Videographer: Myron Glova from Glova Productions

Graphic Designer: Ian Thayer from One Mouse Graphic Design

Presenter and advisor: Dr. Erika Penz

6 Community Influencers:

  • Brayden Schenn. NHL player
  • Chris Milo, Saskatchewan Roughrider Alumni
  • Shauna Foster, C95 Radio Morning Host, Rawlco Radio 
  • Justin Labrash, Country Music Artist
  • Luke Schenn, NHL player
  • Michael Linklater, Basketball player

A special thank you to Alex, Lydia, and Cara for sharing their personal stories.