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Government of Canada Tobacco and Vaping Products Act   

The Act creates a national minimum age of access for vaping products of 18 years. It also includes significant restrictions on the promotion of vaping products, such as bans on advertising that appeals to youth, sponsorship promotions, giveaways of vaping products, and others.

Proposed Vaping Products' Flavour Regulations And Order 

Health Canada has proposed to implement a three-pronged approach to restricting flavours in e-cigarette products. The consultation period with the public ended on September 2nd 2021.  


Government of Saskatchewan Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act    

The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulations Act will restrict the sale of flavoured vape products to adult-only vape shops. The amendments came into effect on Sept. 1st, 2021.

In Saskatchewan, the current main legislative and regulatory provisions include the restriction of using vapour products in public buildings including schools and school grounds. As well, the use of vapour products in vehicles with persons under 16 years of age. Vapour product sales are restricted to individuals 18 years and older and the display of vapour products in retail business is restricted. Advertising signs and promotional signs in areas where young persons can enter are restricted.

Date Saskatchewan Government Legislation and Regulations
September 2021 Saskatchewan vaping tax came into effect. (Sep 1) Saskatchewan retail restrictions came into effect. (Sep 1)
April 2021 Saskatchewan’s 2021 budget includes a 20% tax on vaping products (replacing a 6% provincial sales tax). Vapour retailers will be required to hold a license administered by the Finance Ministry. Saskatchewan adopts regulations to restrict the sale of vaping liquids with flavours other than tobacco and menthol to specialty stores.
February 2020 Saskatchewan Tobacco and Vapour Products Act Bill 182 took effect.
December 2019 Saskatchewan gives Royal Assent to Bill 182, the Tobacco Control Amendment Act.
November 2019 Saskatchewan introduces amendments to its Tobacco Control Act – changing it to the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act. Bill introduced on November 5 and given 3rd reading on December 6.