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Teacher Resources Grades 4-6

Welcome to KNOW Vaping, a school resource developed for Grades 4-6 to support education and awareness around vaping. 

There are five chapters: each chapter includes a video and accompanying activities for students and is tied to Health Curricular Outcomes. Teachers can deliver these chapters all together or each as a stand-alone lesson. The resources are adaptable, easy to implement, and online-friendly.  

On this page, you will find the following: 

  • Teacher Introductory Video
    Please ensure you watch the Teacher Video in the first block below before reviewing the lesson plans.
  • Video Resources 
    Chapter 1-5 videos for students to view as a class prior to completing each activity. 
  • Lesson Plans 
    Teacher Resource Guide with each chapter containing instructions and information for teachers and a printable student activity page. 
  • Supplemental pages to accompany the resource: 
    Downloadable/printable rubric to distribute to students with the Chapter 2 activity. 
    Downloadable/printable PDF version of a vaping website to accompany the Chapter 5 activity.
  • Fact Sheet for Administrators 
    To provide school divisions, school administrators, and school board members with information on vaping, realities of vaping among youth in Saskatchewan, suggested strategies for schools, and additional vaping resources. 
    Fact Sheet