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COPD Resources and Support

Downloadable Resources

Lung Sask has plenty of FREE, downloadable information on how to make living with COPD easier. To learn more about the COPD Information that is available to you, visit our Lung Health Resources.

Video Resources 

Learning by seeing and hearing can be helpful. Here are some links to informative videos to help you learn about how to manage your COPD.

Inhaler Videos 

COPD: Improving Lives... One Breathe at a Time

Nutrition Information for COPD

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Daily Fitness Video

Medication Resources

Whether you are wanting to learn more about how to use your delivery device the right way, or to learn more about the kind of medication you are taking for your COPD and what it does for you, we have a number of medication resources for you.

To learn more about your medication and related information, visit the following link to our Lung Health Resources page and download for free the following documents.

  • COPD Information - COPD Handbook
  • COPD Information - COPD Brochure
  • COPD Information - COPD Medications Brochure
  • COPD Plan of Action
  • Flu Information - Flu, Pneumonia and COVID-19 at a Glance
  • Inhaler Information – Delivery Device Instructions

Inhaler Videos
Medication Database

COPD Support Groups and Meetings

You don't have to feel alone with your COPD. Consider joining our online support group or attending our support meetings (when offered) to come together in a safe environment to share your experience with others with a lived experience of COPD.

Certified Respiratory Educators in Saskatchewan

Certified Respiratory Educators teach clients about their COPD, preventative measures, how to avoid triggers that worsen symptoms, the proper use of medications, diet and lifestyle counselling, and the use of written action plans that allow rapid adjustment of medications when symptoms worsen.

nurse on phone with patient

To find and book an appointment to talk to an educator near you, visit Certified Respiratory Educators in Saskatchewan.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A great way to learn how to exercise and learn how to manage your COPD in a supportive and encouraging environment is to join a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Pulmonary rehabilitation programs offer supervised exercise and education by trained healthcare professionals.

People walking on track

To find a pulmonary rehabilitation program near you, visit Find a Pulmonary Rehab Program.