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Smoking Cessation Support Group

Join the Community of Support

Saskatchewan Quits is a peer support group for people looking to quit smoking or cut back on smoking. This Facebook Group is run by Lung Sask.

Wherever you may be on your quit journey, this group provides a community of support for people who want to learn more, are thinking about, or are ready to start their journey to quit or cut back on smoking.

Group members can come together in a safe environment to ask questions, share experiences and offer support to each other. The group is here to help everyone navigate their journey in a supported way knowing they are not alone.

This is your quit journey. We are here to help!
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Are you thinking it might be your time to quit or reduce smoking? Lung Saskatchewan runs a month-long challenge to provide support and resources for people on their quit journey.

The 2022 Saskatchewan Quits Personal Challenge is sponsored by Nicorette, and Lung Sask collaborates with ambassadors who have lived experiences to share with participants. Participants also receive a free Nicotine Replacement Therapy sample kit and are entered to win prizes during the challenge!

*The 2022 Saskatchewan Quits Personal Challenge is now closed. However, the Facebook Smoking Cessation Support Group remains active and available to join!

In addition to the personal challenge, year-round support is provided to people on their quit journey through the Saskatchewan Quits Facebook Support Group. It is a safe space for members to ask questions, share their stories, and provide emotional and moral support to one another. Even after the month-long 2022 Saskatchewan Quits Challenge has wrapped up, the support group is always available. 

Saskatchewan Quits Ambassadors

"The people on the Facebook page are very supportive of each other. It’s fun to watch people encouraging others, even people who are at the same stage as me. There are people who have completely quit that are not pointing the finger, it’s like ‘yes you can do this I’ve been there." – S.K., Saskatchewan Quits Participant

“This is a great program it doesn’t try to belittle you into quitting, and offers support and alternative thinking. This is the first group I have been involved with that doesn’t treat you as a failure just because you are having difficulty.”– J.O., Saskatchewan Quits Participant