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Congratulations Dr. Brian Graham and Karen Davis

Congratulations to the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal Recipients

Submitted by sdriedger on 15 March 2023

On March 14, Lung Saskatchewan celebrated Dr. Brian Graham and Karen Davis who received their Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals. His Honour the Honourable Russ Mirasty, S.O.M., M.S.M., Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan presented medals to both Brian and Karen at a ceremony honouring many recipients across Saskatchewan.

We’re so thankful to Dr. Brian Graham and Karen Davis for their amazing contributions to improving lung health one breath at a time. 

About Dr. Brian Graham

Dr. Brian Graham's contributions to and achievements for Lung Saskatchewan continue to move the mission of this organization forward. Dr. Graham's impressive tenure with Lung Saskatchewan spans four decades, over three of which included time as President and CEO. Now in retirement Dr. Graham is a dedicated volunteer.

Dr. Graham's most recent achievement as a contributor for the Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update - An Official American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society Technical Statement is a testament to the international caliber of the kinds of achievement Dr. Graham continues to be part of in lung health.

Dr. Graham also lends his expertise for a variety of health professional education initiatives including volunteering to present as a key opinion leader in spirometry at Lung Saskatchewan's Inspired Breathing Conference, acting as a course curriculum writer for Lung Saskatchewan's RESPTREC (Respiratory Training and Educator Courses) program, and as a regular contributor to Lung Saskatchewan's Professional Education Portal - a website dedicated to the continuing education needs of health professional working in respiratory care.

About Karen Davis

Karen Davis is a passionate lung health advocate, donor, and volunteer for Lung Saskatchewan. Having served as a volunteer Board of Director for many years, Karen has been involved with Lung Saskatchewan for over 35 years.

Karen is a dietitian by profession and worked for the Saskatchewan Health Authority for over thirty years both as a clinician and educator. With her professional background as a dietitian Karen has been able to provide a unique and expert perspective to many Lung Saskatchewan patient, caregiver, and health professional education activities by integrating nutrition into the management of lung health for healthier living.  

Karen has been a member of many Lung Saskatchewan's RESPTREC (Respiratory Educator and Training Course) expert committees. These committees have shaped the programs and curriculums that continue to be offered today to lung health professionals and have contributed to RESPTREC being one of Canada’s premier training agencies for health professionals wanting advanced training in the management of lung disease.

Karen’s volunteer service with the Lung Saskatchewan also includes her work (for many years) as the dietitian for what was once known as the 'Discovery Asthma Camp' - a camp exclusively for children with a diagnosis of asthma.

Lung Saskatchewan celebrating with Dr. Brian Graham and Karen Davis