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Tina Campbell

Tina Campbell: Empowering Tuberculosis Awareness

Submitted by sdriedger on 6 May 2024

Tina Campbell, a registered nurse with the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority, and a dedicated volunteer leader on the board of directors for Lung Saskatchewan, is at the forefront of raising awareness around tuberculosis (TB) and reducing stigma through education and training. 

Tina's journey, from her own diagnosis to becoming a passionate advocate for TB awareness, is nothing short of inspiring. Reflecting on her experience, Tina recalls, "Before my diagnosis, I was unaware that tuberculosis (TB) was still something that was around. I remember my grandmother mentioning that she had TB back in the 1950s." 

Tina's dedication to TB awareness garnered international recognition when she was invited to the United Nations in New York in May 2023. As co-chair of Stop TB Canada, Tina spoke as a panelist at the Multi-Stakeholder Hearing on The Fight Against Tuberculosis. She represented civil society and affected communities in Canada, and called for urgent action in the fight to end TB. You can read her address or watch the recording. 

Through her leadership and advocacy, Tina continues to inspire individuals and communities to join the movement to end TB and its stigma. “In order to eliminate TB, we need to break down barriers including stigmatization of TB clients. Educate yourself and start conversations about TB. Learn the signs and symptoms and understand that different types of TB can also occur. Anyone can get TB. People often do not know that they have TB or where they could have been exposed.” 

"Lung Saskatchewan is extremely proud to have exceptional health care professionals, like Tina, at the helm of our volunteer leadership." Erin Kuan, President & CEO of Lung Saskatchewan.

To learn more about tuberculosis, visit  Lung Saskatchewan's tuberculosis resources. 

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