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Youth4Change Wants Your Help: Sign E-Petition to Take Action on Nicotine Pouches Targeting Kids!

Submitted by sdriedger on 12 February 2024

Please join us in protecting Canadian youth from the harmful effects of nicotine products by signing this E-Petition to take action on nicotine pouches. Available in a variety of enticing flavours including berry frost, chill mint, and tropical breeze, nicotine pouches are currently legally able to be sold to children of any age in easy-to-access locations such as gas stations and convenience stores. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that can interfere with healthy brain development in youth. Together, we can urge the Government of Canada to protect youth by: 

  • Requiring nicotine pouches to be sold on a prescription-only basis or temporarily suspending the legal sale of nicotine pouches until proper regulations are formed 

  • Ensuring no other new nicotine products are approved by Health Canada (except on a prescription-only basis) until adequate regulations are in place 

Help make a meaningful difference in protecting the health and future of our youth by signing this petition today