Saskatchewan's Vaping Crisis

Saskatchewan needs to protect Saskatchewan kids by regulating fruit and candy vape flavours that target our youth!

We know vape flavours like, bubble gum and cotton candy, are a way to entice Saskatchewan kids into a nicotine addiction. Saskatchewan needs to follow Nova Scotia & PEI's lead, who recently banned all flavours in nicotine vaping products (with the exception of “tobacco”), and established a new 20 mg/ml limit on nicotine content in the devices.

Please consider communicating with your MLA and/or the Minister of Health and let them know how important this issue is to you. We’ve provided a letter you can customize and send to your MLA. Find your MLA’s contact information at the link below.


I am writing to you as one of your constituents to express my concern over an epidemic here in Saskatchewan that is affecting our youth – vaping. Vaping use among our province’s kids are some of the highest in the country. I was pleased when Saskatchewan passed Bill 182, but there is still a big issue to tackle, which is vape flavours. One of the most successful ways the vape industry markets to children is with the 8,000 vape flavours that are available today, like bubble gum and cotton candy.

Flavours are a way to entice kids into a nicotine addiction and the government must act now to protect Saskatchewan’s kids. Nova Scotia & PEI recently passed legislation regulating all vape flavours (with the exception of “tobacco”). Saskatchewan must continue to be a leader in Canada’s fight against youth vaping by doing the same.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my concern. I believe that my government will take the steps to regulate all vape flavours (except tobacco and plain), and I appreciate your leadership to protect Saskatchewan kids.


Feel free to add your own personal experience with your children or what you’ve seen in the community. As well, you can Cc our VP of Health Promotion and Government Relations at

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Meet the dedicated and amazing youth that have been working hard to make a change to protect all Saskatchewan kids.  THANK YOU to our Youth 4 Change groups:

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