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Inspired Breathing – Asthma Series

Overuse of High Cumulative Doses of Oral Corticosteroids (OCS)  in Severe Asthma Patients

    Wednesday, May 15th at 12 pm (CST/SK)

    OCS overuse is common and can substantially benefit from a multidisciplinary approach. Join us as Dr. Brianne Philipenko assesses the prevalence of asthma patients using high cumulative doses of OCS, and addresses which patients may benefit from asthma biologics.  

    Objectives for the Presentation:

    • To review the adverse effects seen with high cumulative doses of oral corticosteroids in the asthma population
    • To discuss how quickly a biologic therapy should be considered in a severe asthma patient requiring courses of oral corticosteroid
    • To discuss if inhaled corticosteroids should be continued once a patient has good control on a biologic therapy.


    About Dr. Philipenko:

    Dr. Philipenko is a Saskatoon respirologist and an Assistant Professor in the Division of Respirology at the University of Saskatchewan. She completed her medical training at the University of Saskatchewan followed by her respirology training at the University of Calgary. She acquired an additional fellowship in severe asthma at the University of Calgary. Severe asthma remains her primary clinical and research area of interest.  

    This webinar is proudly sponsored by GSK.