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lung transplant support meeting

Lung Transplant Support Meeting March

Tuesday, March 5th @ 12 PM (CST).

Funding Opportunities with the TeleMiracle Kinsmen Foundation.

Having a lung transplant can be a second chance at life, but it can also be an expensive journey because patients and their caregivers are required to go out of province for the surgery and for the first three months of their recovery.  However, we want you to know there are programs to help support you on this journey. Join Lung Saskatchewan for a Lung Transplant support group with presentations by TeleMiracle Kinsmen Foundation. Their presentation will focus on what criteria the Foundation looks at when funding an individual who requires organ transplantation, travel for medical reasons as well as other funding available from the Kinsmen Foundation.

About the Presenters

Geneen Guinan 
Geneen Guinan is the Grants Manager for Kinsmen foundation. She has worked for the Kinsmen Foundation for almost 14 years. In her role she helps individuals who apply for funding and works closely with Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, vendors and the Foundation’s board of directors.

She has been married for 36 years, has two adult children who are both married and has four grandsons.

Jordan Kammer
Jordan Kammer lives in Rosetown, working as People Operations Manager for a local Electrical Contractor. Outside of work, Jordan is dedicated to his community and the people of Saskatchewan. Having served on the Board of Directors for the Kinsmen TeleMiracle Foundation for the past two years as a Board Rep., Jordan presented applications for funding from the people of Saskatchewan. Jordan currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Kinsmen TeleMiracle Foundation, where he serves as Chair of the Policy Committee and a member of the Executive Committee.