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Inspiring Affirmative Care webinar

Breathing Easier: Equitable & Inclusive Care for LGTBQ+ Communities

Lung Saskatchewan’s strategic priorities include the delivery of education with a renewed focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. We have identified a growing need to enhance communication, safety, and care received by all persons living with lung disease in our communities. Our work includes supporting front-line professionals in delivering health care with recognition, validation, and empathy.

Join us Tuesday, November 28th at 12 PM (CST) for a presentation by Zena Sharman titled, Breathing Easier: Equitable & Inclusive Care for LGTBQ+ Communities.

During this presentation attendees will:

  • Recognize barriers and challenges LGBTQ+ community members might face in accessing equitable and inclusive health care
  • Identify strategies and best practices for providing equitable and inclusive health care for LGBTQ+ community members
  • Reflect on how they might apply these strategies and practices in their work

About Zena Sharman

Zena Sharman is a writer, speaker, strategist and LGBTQ+ health advocate. She’s the author of three books, including The Care We Dream Of: Liberatory and Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health (published by Arsenal Pulp Press in the fall of 2021). Zena edited the Lambda Literary award-winning anthology, The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care, and co-edited the Lambda award-nominated anthology Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme, which was named a Stonewall Honor Book by the American Library Association.

Zena is an engaging speaker who brings her passion for LGBTQ+ health to audiences of health care providers, students and community members at universities and conferences across North America. She’s worked in strategic leadership roles in the health research sector for over a decade, including as the assistant director of Canada’s national gender and health research funding institute where she worked to embed gender and LGBTQ+ health into research policy and practice. Zena is a former board member of the Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre, a holistic health center for transgender and gender-diverse communities, and the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health.

A PhD-trained health researcher, Zena’s graduate research focused on the intersections of gender, power and care work in the health system. Her resume also includes party thrower, cabaret host, go-go dancer for a queer punk band, campus radio DJ, and elementary school public speaking champion. You can learn more about Zena and her work at