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Spirometry 101

Spirometry 101: What you need to know before you go for a breathing test

Almost everyone with breathing concerns will likely have a breathing test. Lung function tests, including spirometry can help diagnose lung conditions such as asthma and COPD, check the current conditions of the lungs, help discover the cause of shortness of breath or other lung related symptoms, check the effectiveness of medications, and help in making changes to prescriptions if necessary.

Many patients do not know what to expect before their breathing test and how best to prepare. Join us Wednesday, November 1st at 7 pm (CST) with Dr. Brian Graham to find out everything you want and need to know about spirometry. 

About Dr. Brian Graham  

Dr. Brian Graham is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada in the Division of Respirology, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine where he has been a member since 1976. He spent most of his career doing research on pulmonary function testing. He chaired both of the joint American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society task forces to develop international standards for the measurement of diffusing capacity of the lung in 2017 and for the measurement of spirometry in 2019. He received the 2020 American Thoracic Society Robert Crapo Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes seminal advances in the use of pulmonary function testing, diagnostics, standardization and application that has impacted diagnostic approaches and pulmonary function testing on a global scale. He also received the 2021 Canadian Thoracic Society Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition of his exceptional service as an innovative leader and researcher in the field of pulmonary function standards and testing. In March of 2023 Dr. Brian Graham received the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal for his outstanding contributions to lung health.