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Severe Asthma: A Step by Step Approach to Optimizing Management and Identifying Patients Who May Benefit from a Biologic

Severe asthma accounts for approximately 5 to 10% of those with asthma and refers to individuals who despite best efforts to manage, continue to have severe symptoms and asthma that remains uncontrolled. Join presenter Dr. Brianne Philipenko as she discusses a step by step approach to optimizing management and identifying those patients who may benefit from biologic therapy.   

Objectives of this webinar include:

1) Understanding how to confirm a diagnosis of severe asthma;

2)Understanding how to optimize management; and

3)Identifying who might benefit from biologics and next steps.

About The Speaker - Dr. Brianne Philipenko, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Philipenko is a new respirologist starting her practice with the division of respirology in Saskatoon. She completed her internal medicine training in Saskatoon, and her respirology training in Calgary. She then went on to do additional training in severe asthma at the University of Calgary with a special interest in translational research and clinical trials.

This webinar is sponsored by GSK.