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Physioyoga therapist Linda

PhysioYoga – A Wellness Celebration of Lung Month

November is ‘Lung Month’. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about lung health. To honour lung month, the health care providers that work with people living with lung disease, the members in all of our support group spaces, as well as anyone caring for or living with lung disease, Linda Boryski is excited to provide you a special PhysioYoga session focused on healing and balance.

About the Presenter: Linda Boryski

Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist in 1999, Linda Boryski competed at a national level in four different sports and medalled in two. She brings that same commitment to excellence and teamwork to Saskatoon PhysioYoga. Linda chose to elevate her Physiotherapy practice by completing her Professional Yoga Therapy certification, the first in Saskatchewan and one of only five in Canada.   

Linda empowers independent learners, especially those who are proactive with their health and ready to go “ALL IN. She guides them to take control of their lives, to make the changes they know they can make, and live the life they desire.  

This series is sponsored by GSK.