Sinusitis medications come in various forms

•orally • nasal inhalation • 

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Products used to treat sinusitis include

AAA-Erythro Base tablets •AA-Erythro-S tablets •Act-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Act-Clarithromycin XL tablets •Act-Levofloxacin tablets •Apo-Amoxi capsules •Apo-Amoxi Clav tablets •Apo-Amoxi sugar free suspension •Apo-Amoxi suspension •Apo-Cefprozil tablets •Apo-Cephalex tablets •Apo-Ciproflox tablets •Apo-Clarithromycin tablets •Apo-Clarithromycin XL tablets •Apo-Doxy capsules •Apo-Doxy tablets •Apo-Levofloxacin tablets •Apo-Minocycline capsules •Apo-moxifloxacin tablet •Apo-Triamcinolone AQ Nasal Spray •Auro-Amoxicillin capsules •Auro-cephalexin tablet •Auro-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Auro-moxifloxacin •Avelox® tablets •BBiaxin BID® tablets •Biaxin® suspension •Biaxin® XL tablets •Bio-Ciprofloxacin tablets •CCipro® suspension •Cipro® tablets •Clavulin® suspension •Clavulin® tablets •DDom-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Dom-Clarithromycin tablets •Doxycin tablets •Doxytab tablets •EEryc® capsules •JJamp-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Jamp-Moxifloxacin •LLupin-cephalexin suspension •MMAR-Ciprofloxacin tablets •MAR-Moxifloxacin tablet •Mint-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Mylan-Amoxicillin capsules •Mylan-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Mylan-Minocycline capsules •NNovamoxin capsules •Novamoxin chewable tablets •Novamoxin sugar-reduced suspension •Novamoxin suspension •Novo-Rythro Estolate suspension •PPen-VK tablets •PMS-Amoxicillin capsules •PMS-Amoxicillin suspension •PMS-Ciprofloxacin tablets •PMS-Clarithromycin tablets •PMS-Minocycline capsules •PRO-Amox capsules •PRO-Amox suspension •PRO-Cephalexin tablets •PRO-Ciprofloxacin tablets •PRO-Clarithromycin tablets •PRO-Levofloxacin tablets •RRAN-Cefprozil suspension •RAN-Cefprozil tablets •RAN-Ciproflox tablets •RAN-Clarithromycin tablets •Riva-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Riva-Clarithromycin tablets •SSandoz Cefprozil tablets •Sandoz Ciprofloxacin tablets •Sandoz Clarithromycin tablets •Sandoz Levofloxacin tablets •Sandoz-Moxifloxacin tablets •Sanis-Amoxicillin capsules •Sanis-Amoxicillin Suspension •Sanis-Ciprofloxacin tablet •Sanis-Clarithromycin Suspension •Sanis-Clarithromycin tablets •Sanis-Doxycycline capsules •Sanis-Doxycycline tablets •Siv-amoxicillin capsules •Siv-amoxicillin suspension •Sivem-Ciprofloxacin tablets •Suprax® suspension •Suprax® tablets •TTaro-clarithromycin suspension •Teva-Cephalexin capsules •Teva-Cephalexin suspension •Teva-Cephalexin tablets •Teva-Clarithromycin tablets •Teva-Doxycycline capsules •Teva-Doxycycline tablets •Teva-Minocycline capsules •Teva-moxifloxacin tablet •

Active ingredients used to treat sinusitis include

aamoxicillin • ccefixime • cefprozil • cephalexin • ciprofloxacin • clarithromycin • cloxacillin • ddoxycycline • eerythromycin • llevofloxacin • mminocycline • moxifloxacin • ppenicillin • 

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