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Trent, Jill, and Dr. Mehtar holding up a sign saying thank you

St. Mary's Clinic Visit

Submitted by admin on 17 December 2021

Lung Sask’s Community Care Team visited St. Mary’s Clinic to deliver some Christmas goodies, masks, and aerochambers provided through our Caring Breaths Financial Assistance program sponsored by Conexus Credit Union.

St. Mary’s Clinic was established in 2007 following a study completed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (formerly Saskatoon Health Region) in 2006.  The results of the study highlighted the extent of the health disparities that existed in Saskatoon between people and families living in low-income neighborhoods compared to those living in affluent neighborhoods. Lung Sask was St. Mary’s Clinic’s first community partner, providing asthma education, testing, and care.

Lung Sask commends the clinic's Pediatrician, Dr. Maryam Mehtar, and the entire St. Mary’s team for their dedication to providing holistic pediatric care and is happy to play a role in helping the patients and staff stay safe and breathe easier.

Caring Breaths is a Lung Sask reimbursement program that offers financial assistance to Saskatchewan residents living with lung diseases. It is designed to be complementary to other established financial assistance programs in the province.

To learn more about Caring Breaths visit here