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Programs & Support

Having a lung transplant or surgery can be overwhelming. Lung Sask has resources and support programs in place to help you through this journey. 

Lung Transplant Checklist

In partnership with lung transplant recipients, Lung Sask created a  Lung Transplant Checklist to help you prepare for your transplant. 

Lung Transplant Support Group

If you or a loved one is considering a lung transplant, you are not alone.  Learn and hear from others who have experienced a lung transplant or waiting for one by joining our Lung Transplant Support Group

Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program

Having a lung transplant can be a very costly process. Although the cost of the surgery itself is covered, there are many other costs associated with the process. It is important to consider what your plan might be for funding these related costs. There are several programs to help ease this financial burden including Lung Saskatchewan’s Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program

IPF Handbook Chapter 6 Lung Transplantation (Page 32) 

Although this handbook was written for those living with IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis), there is a helpful chapter on lung transplantation. Within that chapter there is a section on financial supports available for lung transplantation.

Other Resources and Supports outside of Lung Saskatchewan:

Other Resources

Edmonton Accommodations Options near University of Alberta Hospital.