Home Oxygen Handbook & Forms

complete handbook for in-house printing 2021.pdf

Home Oxygen Tester Handbook

This handbook is a guide to assist you with oxygen testing.

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Rural Oxygen Testing Order Form
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SAIL Home Oxygen Therapy Brochure

SAIL Home Oxygen Therapy Brochure

Saskatchewan Health Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) Home Oxygen Therapy Brochure. SAIL provides funding for specific oxygen 'packages' if you are tested and have low oxygen levels.

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Overnight Oximetry Testing Form

Overnight Oximetry Testing Form

Form to accompany a completed oximetry test.

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Oximetry Printout Form

Oximetry Printout Form
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Initial Oxygen - August 2019.pdf

Application for Initial SAIL Oxygen Funding
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Palliative Oxygen - August 2019.pdf

Request For End Stage Palliative Oxygen Benefits
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SAIL Pediatric Oxygen form Jan 2019.pdf

SAIL Pediatric Oxygen form
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Nocturnal Oxygen Testing Instructions.docx

Nocturnal Oximetry Instructions for Patients

A form for testers to use to educate patients on how to complete a nocturnal oximetry test

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