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About the Saskatchewan Aids Independent (SAIL) Home Oxygen Program

The SAIL Home Oxygen Program provides funding towards the cost of prescribed home oxygen therapy for clients who meet the program criteria.  Testing for the program is provided through qualified health professionals who are trained in home oxygen testing. Assessment and treatment is delivered through private oxygen suppliers contracted by Saskatchewan Health.

The Lung Association, Saskatchewan is contracted by SAIL to provide education/tester training, tester support, rural nocturnal oxygen testing, home oxygen testing information and resources for health professionals, and clients throughout Saskatchewan.  Health professionals can attend a workshop and complete the Tester Quiz to receive their home oxygen tester number and be certified to complete home oxygen testing. 


Webinar June 22nd: Home Oxygen Tester Support for the Nellcor PM10N Oximeter. Register Now >


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Did you attend a recent Telehealth Home Oxygen Tester workshop? If so, please contact Jaimie Peters at jaimie.peters@sk.lung.ca. A tester number and password will be sent to you by email.

Home Oxygen Testers Workshops

Workshops are delivered by webinar only at this time. Telehealth and in-person workshops are cancelled for the time being.

The Handbook needs to be downloaded and reviewed PRIOR to attending.

Upcoming workshops:

Thursday, June 24, 2021, 1000-1200

Register in advance for this meeting via Zoom. Will only be hosted if there are 10 attendees registered.

Thursday, September 16, 2021, 1000-1200

Register in advance for this meeting via Zoom.

Monday, November 29, 2021, 1300-1500

Register in advance for this meeting via Zoom.


Note: Attendees are required to print and bring the Tester's Handbook from this site, below.
Recertification: If you have attended a workshop in the past, you do not have to attend again unless you want a refresher. Recertification can be completed by signing in on this site and completing the quiz. You are encouraged to recertify every two years.


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