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Dr Neder

How Triple Therapy May Improve Key Clinical Outcomes in COPD

Dr. J. Alberto Neder will be joining us to present emerging data on the role of triple therapy in improving long term outcomes in COPD, including mortality. He will bring an understanding to the mechanisms by which COPD exacerbations negatively impact morbidity and mortality and will also highlight the relevance of COPD exacerbations in driving life-threatening cardiovascular events.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Neder is a respirologist and clinician scientist with a specific interest in cardiopulmonary interactions, exertional dyspnea, and clinical respiratory physiology. 

Dr. Neder’s clinical and teaching interests include COPD, COPD- heart failure overlap, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, pulmonary hypertension & pulmonary vascular disease, lung function and cardiopulmonary exercise tests.

In 2023 we celebrate AstraZeneca’s leadership and vision as they continue to support our work in health professional spaces. Please join us as we commemorate our 20th year of the RESPTREC Webinar Series by attending our upcoming presentations!