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The Usual Suspects: New Vaccinations Against Common Threats

Every year there is a period of time when influenza spreads in our communities and causes disease and outbreaks.

Join presenter Paraag Trivedi as he reviews the burden of influenza and addresses the importance of vaccination.  

Objectives of this webinar include:

1) Reviewing the burden of influenza including the importance of vaccinations;

2) Reviewing vaccines available including differences among funded, recommended, and indicated vaccines; and

3) Addressing vaccine hesitancy in patients.

About The Presenter - Paraag Trivedi, BSP

Paraag is a Clinical Pharmacist and the Pharmacy Manager at Innomar Pharmacy in Regina. He graduated with a BSP Degree from the University of Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy and Nutrition in 2016. During his time as a student in the College of Pharmacy, he served as the Finance Officer on the National Council of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns.

Since graduating, he has proudly served as a pharmacist in his hometown of Regina. He frequently presents to healthcare providers, to residents of retirement and assisted living communities, and has been featured as a national panelist on a variety of pharmacy topics, quickly becoming a trusted source of information amongst his patients and colleagues.

Paraag is a published research author and is actively involved in training the next generation of Pharmacists, lecturing, and serving as a skills instructor at the U of S, as well as being an active preceptor. He prides himself as being an advocate both for the profession and his patients. For his dedication to these causes, he was awarded the New Horizon Award by the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan.

This webinar is sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur.