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Grandparents in kitchen with grandchild

Income Tax Reduction & Estate Tax Elimination

It’s pretty hard to tell by looking at this couple that a senior’s …

#1 worry is outliving their retirement income, and …

#2 worry is how to leave more to their family.

That’s because this couple is living the retirement that they always dreamed of ... the retirement that they planned for! You see they didn’t agree that it was okay to follow the path of the typical Canadian.

If you would ask them about their secret, they would tell you, “It’s simple... take control now!” Do what they did... take 90 minutes and learn how to reduce the impact the Canada Revenue Agency has on your family’s net worth.


Lung Saskatchewan cordially invites you to be our guest at this very special Private Briefing on Income Tax and Estate Tax Reduction.

This is a free event.

Please arrive 30 minutes early for registration.