The Lung Foundation

Education and research had always been important elements of the Anti-Tuberculosis League's activities. Today these are the dominant activities of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan. Research into the causes and treatment of lung disease, and education of medical practitioners, the public, and those who suffer from respiratory diseases.

A lot has changed since 1911. Even as tuberculosis was brought under control other respiratory ailments became increasingly troublesome; asthma, emphysema, COPD. The League added new projects and began to take new paths to deal with this broader area of respiratory disease. In 1987 the name of the organization was changed to the Saskatchewan Lung Association to reflect this broader concern for the respiratory health of the people of Saskatchewan. The caring atmosphere however, remained unchanged. It was still friends and neighbors doing their best for those they cared about.

In 2002 the Saskatchewan Lung Association decided to make some major changes in order to create a structure that would be better positioned to fulfill the mission of improving respiratory health in Saskatchewan.

The creation of the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan provides an organisation with a specific focus on collecting and managing an endowment fund to ensure long-term funding for lung health activities in the province. The Lung Association of Saskatchewan will focus on the development and delivery of lung health programs, education, research support, advocacy and general awareness of lung health issues, all of which are supported by fund raising campaigns. The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is a member of the Canadian Lung Association partnership.

Although these two charities operate independently of each other, they share administrative services so that overhead costs are kept to a minimum. Both are autonomous organisations and are Saskatchewan-based with independent volunteer boards of directors.

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