Treatment leads to healthy lifestyle

My name is Kenny McLeod, and I'm 20, turning 21 at the end of the month.

I was officially diagnosed with Sleep Apnea a week before my 19th birthday, so I've been using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine (CPAP) for almost 2 years exactly. The process of getting diagnosed was very easy, I just got a referral from my family doctor to a sleep specialist to be tested. Once I had been diagnosed, getting the proper equipment, and getting that all setup was painless thanks to the fantastic crew at Prairie Oxygen.

I noticed when using the CPAP I had more energy throughout the day, I had an easier time waking up in the morning, and I didn't feel as hungry. This allowed me to find more motivation to exercise and watch what I was eating. As a result, since I started treatment, I have lost 140 lbs. Now I've taken an interest in long distance running, having successfully completed a 10km run and a half marathon, as well as being more active in kickboxing classes.

Page Last Updated: 02/11/2017