Marlene Donally presents a $10,000 cheque to the Lung Association.

Adjusting to life post-COPD diagnosis

Post-COPD diagnosis, pulmonary rehabilitation and positive attitude maximize Marlene's life.

The Lung Association, Saskatchewan wants to offer a sincere thank-you to our generous donor Marlene Donally who provided a $10,000 donation to fund education and information initiatives to improve lung health in our province.  It was our great pleasure to celebrate this incredible gift with Marlene in our Saskatoon office, read below to see what Marlene has to say about living with chronic lung disease.


I was diagnosed with emphysema (COPD) more than 15 years ago, and first had to come to terms with the guilt of causing my disease after smoking for 41 years.

Good doctors and caring staff at the Saskatoon Field House Pulmonary Rehab Program, as well as a positive attitude, have helped me to maximize my life.

There are things I can't do anymore but I've found alternative ways to handle most situations: walking fast isn't possible but walking slowly still does the trick; and carrying a gallon of milk 20 feet to the fridge leaves me breathless, but having a folding grocery cart solves that problem.

While my life has changed over these past 15 years, it has not been that difficult to adjust. There is much helpful literature available from The Lung Association and for that I am grateful.

Marlene Donally​

We are very glad we were able to help Marlene.

The Lung Association, Saskatchewan is the best choice for healthy lungs for everyone, please visit our printed materials page to see all of the resources available and, if like Marlene you want to help everyone breathe easier, you can make an online donation.

If we can help you or a loved one breathe easier, please call 1-888-566-LUNG (5864).

Thank you, Marlene for improving lung health one breath at a time.

Page Last Updated: 24/11/2017