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Car Heaven

car with angel wings

Donate your old car and support Lung Saskatchewan!

Your old car can make an impact on lung health! How? Donate it through Car Heaven - they'll even arrange to pick it up.

Car Heaven is the only national charitable vehicle recycling program using authorized Automotive Recyclers of Canada members. Car Heaven enables people to get rid of their older vehicles and donate the proceeds to Lung Saskatchewan! Your vehicle is always towed away for free and you will receive tax receipts too!

Certified recyclers in your area bid on the vehicle and your chosen charity receives the full amount of the bid amount, which will also be your tax receipt amount. The minimum value of the tax receipt is based on the local scrap and parts prices.

To donate your car or obtain more information please call 1 (877) 798-7701 or visit the Car Heaven website to register

Please identify Lung Saskatchewan as your charity of choice when completing the donor form.