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COVID-19 Support Group

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Lung Sask is pleased to host a COVID-19 support group. This Facebook group is a place where patients and caregivers from across Canada can come together in a safe environment to ask questions, share experiences, and offer support to each other. We are here to help those living with COVID-19 navigate their journey in a supported way knowing they are not alone. This group is administered by Certified Respiratory Educators from Lung Sask.

Upcoming Events

November 22nd 2022 at 7:00pm - PhysioYoga: A Wellness Celebration of Lung Month

November is ‘Lung Month’. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about lung health. To honour lung month, the health care providers that work with people living with lung disease, the members in all of our support group spaces, as well as anyone caring for or living with lung disease, Linda Boryski is excited to provide you a special PhysioYoga session focused on healing and balance. For more information, please sign up on the Event Registration Page.