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As the federal funding agency responsible for investing in health research, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has been central to Canada’s response to COVID-19. 

Since March 2020, CIHR has invested approximately $414 million in 965 COVID-19 research projects. These projects span everything from diagnostics and potential treatments to public health responses and communication strategies.  

CIHR has also worked with partners to invest in Canadian COVID-19 research with dedicated funding for specific topics such as: 

  • Indigenous communities’ experiences with COVID-19; 

  • addressing the mental health and substance use challenges facing Canadians during the pandemic; 

  • how to keep residents and staff of long-term care homes safe from COVID-19; and 

  • developing guidelines related to prescribing and dispending opioids during the pandemic. 

Locally, Saskatchewan researchers are doing their part investigating Long COVID.  

A team of researchers and clinicians from the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) and the University of Saskatchewan have designed an app that provides an opportunity for people suffering Long COVID to report their case and any symptoms they may be experiencing. 

It is the hope of the research team that this app will lead to support for people with Long COVID in Saskatchewan and will guide the establishment of interventions that will improve outcomes for people living with Long COVID. 

For more information about this and other COVID research going on in Saskatchewan including how to participate, visit Participate in Research