What is The Treatment For Pneumonia

If you develop pneumonia, your chances of prompt recovery are greatest under certain conditions:

  • you are young
  • your pneumonia is diagnosed early
  • your defenses against disease are working well
  • the infection has not spread
  • you are not suffering from any other illness

Prompt treatment with antibiotics almost always cures bacterial and mycoplasma pneumonia, and a certain percentage of rickettsia cases. There is no effective treatment yet for viral pneumonia.

The drug or drugs used are determined by the germ causing the pneumonia and the judgment of the physician. The drugs lower body temperature within a day or two and produce a dramatic recovery. After temperature returns to normal, medication must be continued according to physician's instructions, otherwise the pneumonia may recur. Relapses can be far more serious than the first attack.

Besides antibiotics, patients are given supportive treatment:

  • proper diet
  • oxygen to relieve bluish cast to lips
  • medication to ease chest pain

and in the case of mycoplasma:

  • medication to help ease the violent cough

anything that can produce and maintain in the patient the best possible conditions for recovery.

A vigorous young person may lead a normal life within a week of recovery from pneumonia.
A middle-aged person, however, may require weeks before regaining accustomed strength, vigor, and feeling of well-being. Adequate rest is important to maintain progress toward full recovery and to avoid relapse.

Page Last Updated: 24/10/2018