What Do Teachers Need to Know about Asthma?

Watch our video on what teachers need to know about asthma.

Asthma is the most common chronic childhood disease and is a major cause of missed school days. In Saskatchewan alone, there are about 35,000 children living with asthma. This means that in an average classroom in our province there may be at least 2 children who have asthma. Asthma is the leading cause of hospitalization among children in Canada. If not properly managed, these children can struggle with persistent cough, missed school days, participating in sports, and heightened allergic reactions.

Teachers can do a great deal to help children maintain good asthma control, but they need to be provided with the educational tools and experiences to do so. Why do teachers need to know about asthma? It is because when students have good control of their asthma they:

  • Miss fewer days of school
  • Have an improved quality of life
  • And are better learners.

Did you know? September 17 has the highest number of asthma emergencies of the year, just a few weeks after school starts. Learn why and how you can help prevent these asthma attacks.

Video: Asthma in Students: What Teachers Need to Know

The following video will give teachers (and others) a basic understanding signs and symptoms indicating a child has asthma; potential causes of asthma triggers in their school; what to do during an asthma worsening or emergency; and how to use inhalers properly.

Page Last Updated: 05/10/2017